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Arvitec Extrusion Technologies

AGX SERIES: ArvitecGenesis Series Extruders

AGX-2500, AGX-3000, AGX-4500, AGX-6000, AGX-7500, AGX-9000

When many companies insist on turnkey projects, Arvitec is one of the rare mold manufacturers that can produce complete solutions that are targeted.

Designed and built entirely with Arvitec technology, the extruder belt Genesis özel is a special production oriented product and mold.


Designed with a purely purpose-oriented concept, the products are extremely easy to use but very efficient and durable.

Auger and Sleeve

Supply zone: Special Arvitec design, equipped with a special controlled cooling structure, special for the use of specific materials for the co-extrusion of technical profiles.

Sleeve: Made of high-strength bi-metal alloy against impacts, abrasion and wear

Screw: Design, geometry and surface treatment are produced according to the needs of the product.

All equipment has been tested with the production materials of the most renowned manufacturers TPV, TeknorApex, Santoprene, Tefabloc, the results point to the excellent quality achieved in the extrusion and co-extrusion of technical profiles.

Zambello Gearbox from the ZPE series, designed for single screw extruders with transferable torque depending on the transmission weight and capacity.

Motor ABB and inverter (inverter) ABB / AC

Low-wave energy-resistant and compact motor. Forced ventilation and built-in encoder.

Sensors measuring the pressure and melting point of the material. In addition to being a safety system for the machine, the sensors help us analyze the quality of the manufacturing process at any time.

The melt sensor or mass temperature meter accurately measures the exact temperature of the plastic mass inside the jacket.

The high-performance electrical resistors are resistant to high temperatures and are made of high-quality nicom and micas, which increase stability and longevity.

Electric refrigerator: A control program produced by Arvitec, equipped with Omron and Siemens control systems, with a touch screen control of the extruder

Extrusion Equipment

We are developing every kind of machine for extrusion of profiles in our factory. We design, build and certify all kinds of equipment, from extruders, calibration machines, hydrostatic baths and cutters.

In cooperation with our partners, control of artificial visualization of the surface as well as dimensional cross-section from laser or ink printers to industrial aluminum or stainless steel welding machines, die-cut and custom-made, flat, bending and injection molding machines.

Thermoplastic Molds and Calibrators

Our Arvitec Thermoplastic Molds are for all known polymer techniques and for extrusion of special profiles: P.V.C. / P.P. / P.M.M.A. / P.C / H.D.P.E. / L.D.P.E. / P.S. / P.U. P.A. / etc. Our main goal is to conclude high production performance and best quality with a very competitive price in the market.

Our molds are made of the most advanced and abrasion resistant materials. All our molds are produced in accordance with the required quality certificates All our molds are tested on our own Extrusion Line in the factory to ensure performance and are shipped and delivered after the approval of our customers. Each mold is digitally named with pre-serial numbers.

If necessary, your expert support team is always at your disposal to test and install the molds at the customer's own premises.

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