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About Us

Gökdeniz Makina Service Industry and Trade Limited Company, which operates in Sales and Marketing, Spare Parts, Technical Service fields of Extruder, Front Layout and Auxiliary Equipments, was founded on March 18, 2008 by Mr.Hasan Düşünen.

Mr. Hasan Düşünen, who has been working as a professional manager for many years in the sector, provides sectoral consultancy and establishes facilities to all of his customers by cooperating with many global brands that have carried his industry experience forward.

Gökdeniz Machinery Service Services Industry and Trade Limited Company was born as a result of quality production but only with proven and qualified high performance equipments and professional service.

If your targets are big, your address should be Gökdeniz Makina Ltd.

Sales, After Sales Services, Spare Parts, Technical Service, each one of our expert and experienced staff to provide you with the fastest and most accurate service is our main goal.

Our goal is to ensure that you, our esteemed customers, cannot succeed your competitors in the following economic competitive conditions.

Our company represents a global brand in Turkey and the former Turkish state.

World Brands We Represent

HANS WEBER - Extrusion Machines, (Single Twist, Double Twist, Conical Double-screw, Barrier Twist, Granule Machines, PVC Window Lines, HDPE, PP, PVC PEX. PPGF Pipelines. Sheet Production Lines, Complete Edgebanding lines Poly Wood solutions

SICA - Front layout equipment, (Pallet Hoists, Saws, Muff Machines, fully automatic Winders, Sorting Machines, pipe filtering, Dental Automatic Threading Machines.

Maintools - Corruge Pipe Production Machines, Al Pex Lines, Multi-layer Pipe Production Solutions for Corrugated Pipe Production

Plasticolor - Volumetric Dosing, Gravimetric Dosing, Raw Material Loading, Weighing operations. Dosing, complete automation solutions

Artivec - A World Leader in Mold Technologies all kinds of Thermoplastic Extrusion Molds Transparent Profiles, Metal sleeves, Profiles for GF-supported Profiles Mold technologies (they call the Impossible Arvitec for others) Reference

Esde - Calender lines, slab layers 150 mm - 4400 mm calender lines, Sheet heads, ultra-precision Plate Measurement systems Produce instantly

Next - Many world-branded rectified or non-extruded extruders, pre-ordering, dosing, raw material desiccant loaders, pipe winders and additional alternative auxiliary equipment writing machines for hot press machines.

Graeve - PVC or all kinds of Thermoplastic Pipe Heads, Vacuum Tanks, Cooling Tanks, 5mm-300mm Pipe Winders (fully automatic or semi-automatic), you've gone Cutters, saws, plate or plate stacking systems, Packaging machines, horizontal winders, Material Accumulators, Pipe friction welding machines etc.


To offer our customers the best quality at the most reasonable prices and conditions.


Sincerely yours,

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